Data Integration

Working with law enforcement agencies, prosecuting attorneys, public defenders, and other state agencies who are a part of Georgia’s criminal justice network, the Council is working to expand existing successes in allowing these various entities to share common information.

With the passage of Senate Bill 407 during the 2018 session of the Georgia General Assembly, this effort receives a significant boost. Governor Nathan Deal has worked over the last eight years to further criminal justice reform. Funding the rollout of a statewide criminal data exchange network is the final piece of that reform effort.

The purpose of the Governor’s project is to electronically share information from individual proprietary data sources among the relevant agencies in Georgia, while preserving each agency’s data integrity.

Clerks of court, magistrate judges, superior court judges, district attorneys, public defenders and law enforcement agencies share the common task of compiling a massive amount of data – much of which is redundant across those agencies – and storing it on their individual case management systems.

The goals of the project are to improve the accuracy of criminal justice records, improve the efficiency and speed of the criminal justice process by enabling each agency to maximize its resources, reduce the redundancy and duplication of data entry, provide access to real-time criminal justice data, control the jail population, and reduce unnecessary delay in court process.