Welcome to the Official Website of the Superior Court Clerks of Georgia

What is a superior court clerk? Superior court clerks have been around since the inception of the State of Georgia. "Clerk of Court" is one of four elected county offices created by the Georgia Constitution. Each of Georgia’s 159 counties has one. Clerks are the official record keepers of the county—they receive and maintain criminal and civil court filings and serve as custodian of county land and property records.


30 Aug 2023 Leadership Conference

Mark your calendars for the 2023 leadership conference. Come prepared to brain storm and discuss major on-going topics and the future of clerks. We will start on Wednesday, August 30 at 1:00 pm and conclude on Friday, September 1 at 12 pm

25 Apr 2023 Spring Clerk Conference (Day 2)

One of todays presentations focused on the topic of Legal Researching. The presenters, Tammie Mosley CSC, Chatham County and Erica Woodford CSC, Bibb County provided valuable insights and guidance on how to conduct effective legal research. In addition, attendees were given a demonstration by Evan Gross on how to research a topic within the reference manual. This informative session undoubtedly equipped the participants with valuable skills and tools to navigate the complex world of legal research.

24 Apr 2023 Spring Clerk Conference (Day 1)

Today marks day one of the 2023 Clerks Spring Conference. There was a remarkable turnout of clerks who had gathered to partake in a series of enlightening presentations. The session kicked off with a speech by members of SORRB, Tracy Alvard, and Lead Investigator Russ Finley. The gathering was further enriched with the addition of Gary Yates, who shared insights on the Plates and Deed Indexing Project.

18 Jan Introducing FANS!

The Clerks’ Authority is excited to announce that the Filing Activity Notification System (F.A.N.S.) is “live!” F.A.N.S., which is a FREE service to notify property owners any time filings are made related to their registered property, as well as notify of filing activity related to UCCs (personal property), liens and plat filings. Individuals can simply go to https://fans.gsccca.org to register with an email address or telephone number. The system is voluntary and anyone may opt in. An informational webinar will be conducted on Thursday, January 26 at 10:00AM for Clerks and their staffs. To register, please go to www.gsccca.org/training.