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What is a superior court clerk? Superior court clerks have been around since the inception of the State of Georgia. "Clerk of Court" is one of four elected county offices created by the Georgia Constitution. Each of Georgia’s 159 counties has one. Clerks are the official record keepers of the county—they receive and maintain criminal and civil court filings and serve as custodian of county land and property records.


09 Nov Eighth Extension of the Statewide Judicial Emergency

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28 Oct Justice Needs Jurors

Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Harold D. Melton explains the important role of jurors in the justice system. #JusticeNeedsJurors

10 Oct Seventh Extension of the Statewide Judicial Emergency

Issued Saturday, October 10th and in effect until mid-November, this updated order continues to direct the Chief Judge of each superior court to convene for each county in his or her circuit a local committee of judicial system participants to develop detailed guidelines for the safe resumption of jury trials in the county, utilizing the “Guidance for Resuming Jury Trials” included in the Appendix to this order. This order authorizes the Chief Judge of each trial court, in his or her discretion, to resume the jury trial process if local conditions allow and the Chief Judge, in collaboration with the local committee, has developed and issued a final jury trial plan.

07 Oct Supreme Court of GA Press Release

Jury Trials Allowed to Resume In Georgia: Will Follow COVID-19 Safety Guidelines