At any given time, The Council of Superior Court Clerks is managing multiple projects pursuant to achieving its objectives and compliance with its statutory duties. Descriptions of ongoing projects below.

Civil eFiling

In 2019, electronic filing into civil cases will become mandatory state-wide. While many counties in Georgia have already begun e-filing under local orders, this will be an expansion of that functionality. The Council will continue to facilitate the adoption of civil e-filing and support Superior Court Clerks in the execution of their lawful duties.

Data Integration

Participating in and contributing to the development of an efficient and effective system of information sharing between Clerks, Judges, District Attorneys, Public Defenders, and law enforcement agencies.

Disaster Recovery

Ensuring the protection and preservation of the many official records in the care of Superior Court Clerks even in the face of potentially catastrophic events through the implementation of preventative measures and preparedness.

Jury Project

The council is statutorily charged with compiling a state-wide master jury list from which potential jurors are drawn. County Master Jury Lists are disseminated to the clerk of each county annually. Each county’s list is determined to be representative of the county’s population.