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Friday February 23, 2018
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What is the Council?
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The Council of Superior Court Clerks of Georgia is a state agency created by O.C.G.A. § 15-6-50.2 and is composed of the159 clerks of the superior courts of Georgia. It is governed by an Executive Board, consisting of the Council President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, immediate past President and the Council District Representatives. The Executive Committee, comprised of the elected officers of the Council, supervises and manages the daily operations of the Council and its Executive Director and staff. The Executive Committee has the power to contract for services and goods as deemed necessary by a majority of the Executive Committee members. The Council acts as the liaison for all superior court clerks in working with other members of the judicial branch, law enforcement and prosecution, as well as entities at the state and federal levels to facilitate efficient and effective compliance and execution of the duties required of the superior court clerks as they relate to these entities.

The objectives of the Council are:
  • To improve the administration of justice through the application of modern management techniques
  • To support the independence of the judiciary, particularly at the trial court level
  • To determine, formulate, and declare fundamental policies and principles for the purpose of standardizing court technology and statistical reporting methods
  • To promote coordination of judicial research activities and furnish a forum for the interchange of practical information relating to court management
  • To increase the proficiency of elected Clerks of the Superior Court and engender confidence in government through professional development
  • To inform the public, the governing authority and legislative representatives as to the nature of work performed in the office of Clerk of Superior Court
  • To cooperate with other public and private agencies concerned with improving court management
To achieve these objectives the Council may contract, own property, accept funds, grants, and gifts from any public or private source for use in defraying the expenses of the council, adopt and use an official seal, establish a principal office, and employ administrative or clerical personnel as may be necessary.
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