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Friday February 23, 2018
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The Superior Court Clerks’ Association of Georgia, Inc. is a professional organization comprised of elected Superior Court Clerks and associate members. It is governed by the Executive Board, consisting of the Association President, First Vice President, Second Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, immediate past president, chairperson of the Superior Court Clerks’ Training Council and the district chairpersons from the ten administrative judicial districts. The Executive Board shall have the power to conduct any business it may deem necessary to accomplish the purpose of the Association which is not in conflict with any of the provisions of the Constitution or By-Laws of the Association.

The objectives of the Association are:
  • To improve the administration of justice through the application of modern management techniques.
  • To support the independence of the judiciary, particularly at the trial-court level.
  • To determine, formulate, and declare fundamental policies, principles, and standards involved in court management and to standardize court terminology and statistical reporting methods.
  • To promote coordination of judicial research activities and furnish a forum for the interchange of practical information relating to court management.
  • To aid in the improvement of court management in general, with particular emphasis on the study, development, and use of scientific and technological methods.
  • To increase the proficiency of elected Clerks of the Superior Court and engender confidence in government.
  • To provide for research and distribution of useful information relating to court management practices.
  • To inform the public, the governing authority, and legislative representatives as to the nature of the work performed in the office of Clerk of Superior Court.
  • To cooperate with other public and private agencies concerned with improving court management.

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